Volunteer Work


The volunteer site is a few minutes walk away from SunCampDR Apartments.  Help the local community  Dominicans  & Haitian refugees. Teach languages, arts, sports, technology, etc.  Find out about  our projects and Join our flexible program volunteer vacation, to give as much or as little as you wish… You can all be volunteers, we will guide you and you can use your initiative and share your knowledge!

Volunteering is FREE with our concept Volunteer Vacation. Discover the island, join the most popular tourist excursions, participates in Tours and activities not revealed to the regular tourist. Discover the Real Dominican Republic in an immersion concept! Keep some time to help the way that pleases you and that will benefit the most needed!

All volunteers are responsible for their flight, transportation, lodging, and food costs.

We need teachers in all fields (languages, techniques, arts), animators, organizers, translators, Internet professionals, writers, nurses and doctors, sponsors, accountants, advisors etc … Share your knowledge and resources!

  • Children: Give them the motivation to pursue studies and learn a trade.
  • Adults: Teach them a language so they could work in tourism across the street (14 hotels).  Train them to learn a profession or new skill.
  • In the village: Awareness of health issues and  assistance to improve the services and the basic housing needs.


Make donations to paypal: dianepellerin@yahoo.com

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