Free Light for the Batey

The electricity costs in Munoz account for a large part of the monthly expenses of the locals and many can’t afford it and/or a not even able to pay  to lay the electronical connections in their houses. The situation is even worse through the cramped Construction. Due to this, sunlight hardly reaches most of the huts. For this reason, two of our volunteers have long been working on a concept that makes it possible to use a lighting system that does not require residents to use kerosene lamps, electricity or candles during the day. After many experiments, almost as many failures and hours of work in the tool room, the current result is a solar lamp based on a plastic bottle. The prototype has already been installed in 2 houses and the two are currently working to intensify the concept in the areas of light intensity and cost minimization. The locals are enthusiastic about the idea and there are already considerations to train some native people in the position, so that they can make a small business out of it and thus create more jobs as a desirable side effect.


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