Free Light for the Batey

The electricity costs in Munoz account for a large part of the monthly expenses of the locals and many can’t afford it and/or a not even able to pay  to lay the electronical connections in their houses. The situation is even worse through the cramped Construction. Due to this, sunlight hardly reaches most of the huts. For this reason, two of our volunteers have long been working on a concept that makes it possible to use a lighting system that does not require residents to use kerosene lamps, electricity or candles during the day. After many experiments, almost as many failures and hours of work in the tool room, the current result is a solar lamp based on a plastic bottle. The prototype has already been installed in 2 houses and the two are currently working to intensify the concept in the areas of light intensity and cost minimization. The locals are enthusiastic about the idea and there are already considerations to train some native people in the position, so that they can make a small business out of it and thus create more jobs as a desirable side effect.


A short Guide to Volunteer in Muñoz

Volunteering in Muñoz mean a lot of Fun, but also a lot of responsibility.
In contrast to many guided programes, you enjoy a high grade of latitude, which concern your individual Project planning. Accordingly it is really important, that you have a accurate concept, what and how you want to do something, so it work out like you planned it. When you decide to get involved, consider at the selection of the right project, how much time you can offer. Teaching for example make more sense, when you are able to stay over a few month here, because otherwise the students will forget most of the stuff they learned ( I tought 3 Weeks German in March and when i arrived here again in August they knew nearly nothing.
If it is only possible to be in Munoz for a few days or weeks, Construction projects and Donations are the perfect opportunity, because thereby you can create in short time sustainable change.
„You get what you give“
If you are full of heart, you will have wonderful experiences and many new friends.
– Stefan

Besoin de bénévoles à Puerto Plata (Muñoz)

Nous avons besoin de professeurs de langues pour offrir des cours à temps partiel aux plus démunis de la communauté de Munoz, Puerto Plata, République dominicaine. Nous offrons un hébergement économique à tous les bénévoles. L’hébergement se trouve à proximité du site de bénévolat et est accessible en transport publique ou à 15 minutes de marche.Sur place se trouve la piscine naturelle, rivière Munoz et un café-bar. intéressé à faire du bénévolat auprès de notre Fondation. Si vous êtes  Vous pouvez recevoir de plus amples informations par (whatsapp) au numéro suivant:

suncampdr volunteerDiane Pellerin, directrice 1 (809) 715 -7200 . Merci de votre intérêt et de votre collaboration.

¡Volunteers Needed!

We are in need of language teachers to provide part-time instruction to  underserved communities in Munoz, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. We provide economical lodging for all volunteers. Lodging is in close proximity to the volunteer site accessible by public transportation or a 15 min walk. For your leisure, our lodging is also in close proximity to Playa Dorada (beach) and we have an onsite restaurant café situated by the river. If interested to volunteer with our Foundation, please inbox for more information or (whatsapp) the following numbers: Owner/Director Diane Pellerin at 1(809) 715 -7200 or Education/ volunteer Coordinator Jolores Polite 1(809) 877 -3147. Thank you for your interest. We look forward to your support.