Buisness & Microenterprises : Proactive Projects & Services

Assist exisiting small buisnesses in the village or create a microenterprise. Choose a buisness in Munoy and facilitate it’s evolution and autonomy. We prefer microenterprises run by mothers to feed their children and send them to school. Example of one: Selling Empenadas in the Morning for Breakfast at the batey to schoolkids and the hungry workers.
Choose a person in the village to go up with her a microenterprise. For example teach a technique, such as massage or jewlery so that the person can pursue his or her buisness afterwards. If possible make a single small investment early to help the business grow. Amount which is recommended is 100$. Help people with, purchasing, managing, setting prices for sale (comparing to the purchase price). Motivate them to manage the funds to redo their stock! Show how to increase their profits and how to make a budget for the family-Establish a promotion or marketing system. Encourage them to be honest in their trade and make the right choice of products to sell for a better Income. Continuous follow-up by volunteer to the chosen company to ensure better sucess..