A short Guide to Volunteer in Muñoz

Volunteering in Muñoz mean a lot of Fun, but also a lot of responsibility.
In contrast to many guided programes, you enjoy a high grade of latitude, which concern your individual Project planning. Accordingly it is really important, that you have a accurate concept, what and how you want to do something, so it work out like you planned it. When you decide to get involved, consider at the selection of the right project, how much time you can offer. Teaching for example make more sense, when you are able to stay over a few month here, because otherwise the students will forget most of the stuff they learned ( I tought 3 Weeks German in March and when i arrived here again in August they knew nearly nothing.
If it is only possible to be in Munoz for a few days or weeks, Construction projects and Donations are the perfect opportunity, because thereby you can create in short time sustainable change.
„You get what you give“
If you are full of heart, you will have wonderful experiences and many new friends.
– Stefan

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