Improve Housing Project

One of the priorities is the repair of roofs and walls. General improvement of the habitat. Repair, renovation, home improvements. Reconstruction of some of the structures. Construction of furniture, tablets. Storage spaces, etc. . Purchase of plates to repair roofs, regrigerator, stove beds etc. . Making toilets pits skeptical, paint the houses, take a water pipe. Build or improve electrical system. Raise public awareness of fire hayards and improve safety.

Adults: Projects & Services

Improve the life of adults in general (including Haitian refugees in Munoz). Give them the tools to be more autonomous and aware of solutions to their difficultires. Prepare individuals to be able to do paid work and maintain it. Make them aware of hygiene and good nutrition in order to improve their health. Educate them about non-violence, birth control and AIDS prevention. Teach people in the community specific knowledge and skills that can be applied toward getting paid work. Education in languages ( English, French and German), teaching skills, art or techniques; (plumbing, electricity, painting, jewlry, hairdressing etc.), Conferences, seminars of hygiene, behaviors that can substitue Violence, education on various types of contraception, information about venereal diseases and AIDS, condom care and use and many more!

Buisness & Microenterprises : Proactive Projects & Services

Assist exisiting small buisnesses in the village or create a microenterprise. Choose a buisness in Munoy and facilitate it’s evolution and autonomy. We prefer microenterprises run by mothers to feed their children and send them to school. Example of one: Selling Empenadas in the Morning for Breakfast at the batey to schoolkids and the hungry workers.
Choose a person in the village to go up with her a microenterprise. For example teach a technique, such as massage or jewlery so that the person can pursue his or her buisness afterwards. If possible make a single small investment early to help the business grow. Amount which is recommended is 100$. Help people with, purchasing, managing, setting prices for sale (comparing to the purchase price). Motivate them to manage the funds to redo their stock! Show how to increase their profits and how to make a budget for the family-Establish a promotion or marketing system. Encourage them to be honest in their trade and make the right choice of products to sell for a better Income. Continuous follow-up by volunteer to the chosen company to ensure better sucess..

Agriculture Project

Cultivate the Land to put food on the table and make it stand alone Find a land to cultivate and adapt a local food crop, to give small salary to the people will be involved fulltime, to obtain the seeds and plants necessary for the production and to buy the necessary tools. Training groups of local people who want to participate in the agricultural project. Invitation of specialists for training. Follow-up for maintenance. Enviromental awareness activities. Show how to grow in baskets. Teach the compost.

Crochet & Knitting

Couture and Tricot (kintting and crochet). Make people autonomous with products made in knitting or sewing machine. Show the knitting and sewing techniques of all interested girls and ladies. Some women already have their sewing machine and for others, purchase equipment, sewing maschine and needles. Assist in selling their products. Establish contacts with organiyations or buisnesses that buy their garment.

Children: Projects & Services

The goal is to use  the free time of children who are on the streets, to prevent delinquency and to give them the motivation to go to school and then pursue studies. Awareness of ethics, morals, non-violence, respect, hygiene, and food. Education, arts, sports, animation , games or any other activities that can engage children in a constructive way. Develop many abilities, establish discipline and better social and moral functioning. Organize presentations, contests, tournaments, shows. Pick up the rubbish. Teaching hygiene and healthy eating through interactive and entertaining techniques.

27 Waterfalls & Cave Adventures

Travelers normaly describe the tour of the 27 waterfalls at Damajagua as ‘the best thing I did in the DR.’ It’s hard to disagree. Guides lead you up, swimming and climbing through the waterfalls. To get down you jump – as much as 9m – into the sparkling pools below.

The Region also boasts a number of different caves. You can set out on the ultimate adventure, dive off cliffs within caves, swim in the crystal clear waters beneath the caverns, or just bask in the majesy of all.

ATV and Buggie Adventures

Why not transport yourself through the sand, trees, and local vegetation driving a 4 wheels/ATV’s?  This adventure will allow you to enjoy the most beautiful sceneries through the woods and through the sugar cane fields! You will also drive through the most typical villages and Haitien settlements. A ride not to miss! Great fun and discoveries…



Diane and son Samuel offer you a wide-array of accommodation types… for Short or long terms.

Address: Principal Street #40, Muñoz by the River, Puerto Plata, Dominican republic, 57000

All of our 25 apartments (5 buildings) are furnished, equipped kitchen, hot shower, FREE WIFI, access to outdoor gym, library, kiosks, barbecue, hammock, swimming in the river and pool table by the bar-restaurant. Easy and economical transport to the city or to Playa Dorada beach in ten minutes.

TRY IT!   NO MANDATORY CONTRACT, NO MINIMUM LEASE AMOUNT, NO SECURITY DEPOSIT ….just feel at HOME and join us in our little gated Eco-Village style in tropical nature, harmony and peace…in the heart of Isabel de Torres National Parc. Meet our international clientele!

More than a place to stay!

Bus or airport pick up service in Puerto Plata for a fee less than a taxi. Send us your arrival details.Get free guidance! We live on site to better assist you!  Join our Spanish Class or the ongoing optional volunteer program in the local community.

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